Joseph C. Kim

Month: March, 2013

Joseph Chaiwhan

When I’m in America, people call me Joseph. This is my American name.

In Korea, people call me Chaiwhan. This is my Korean name.

So, I have two names. People usually only know me by one of those names, not both. My last name Kim remains constant regardless of which country I’m in.


How do I protect my privacy online?

I’m a doctor. I have no privacy.

Patients want privacy. They deserve it. But, we as doctors don’t get privacy. I suppose we don’t deserve it.

It’s one thing to know our education history. Where we went to college. Where we went to medical school.

But, do you need to know my date of birth? Do you need to know my phone number? How about my home address? The names of my children? My wife?

Don’t I deserve to have some privacy?

This world just doesn’t care. They expect doctors to make all types of sacrifices.

North Korea attacks

All of these crazy stories of North Korea attacking America. Crazy! There’s no way that North Korea could attack the United States. Why are we even broadcasting these stories? Are we trying to scare Americans? Make North Korea look foolish? I just don’t get it.

Joseph Chaiwhan Kim on Facebook

These days, everyone is on Facebook. How about Joseph Chaiwhan Kim. Is he on Facebook? There are people from all around the world who are on Facebook. People in Korea are on Facebook.

Let’s see if we can find Joseph Chaiwhan Kim on Facebook. Here are some of those people:

How about him?

There’s also this guy:

What’s in a name?

Do you like your name? What do you like about it? Some people have a very common name like me: Joe Kim. Other people have an uncommon name like me: Chaiwhan. I have both. In some ways, I’m blessed and I’m cursed.